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Our Happy Clients

Miranda Jaiswal

Mending masters has been a boon for us. With such hectic schedule the last priority used to be following up with the technicians for various wear and tear services. Now Mending Masters takes the responsibility/. Thank you, “MM”, you are our home savior.

Harvinder Singh

Mending Masters customer care team is very prompt is replying to all breakdown calls. I keep getting a regular update on as to what is happening on my breakdown service call. I really appreciate you for this.

Barira Aziz

Mending Masters have truly made home maintenance joyful and easy. Just one call and they take over. Its an excellent model. Never though home maintenance service too can be an organized service.

Kajal Verma

After taking subscription from mending masters I do not have to wait for few more things to stop working to call a technician because either no one wants to come a small task or they charge you exorbitantly to attend one call and you don’t feel like calling them.